O concurso encontra-se aberto no período de 06 a 19 de junho de 2018.
O concurso encontra-se aberto no período de 25 de maio de 2018 a 08 de ...
Prémio Francisco Augusto da Fonseca Dias e Maria José Melenas da Fonseca ...
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25 years discovering cancer
It would have been hard to predict, despite 1989 being a very special year, in many respects. The year ended with the execution of Ceausescu in Romania and the election of Václav Havel in Czechoslovakia. The world had witnessed the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Jaruselski’s concession to Solidarity, problems in several Eastern Bloc countries and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Outside Europe things were equally eventful, from Tiananmen and the death of Khomeini, to the election of Collor de Mello in Brazil’s first post-dictatorship elections. July 14th was marked by the celebrations of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille, Camilo José Cela and Dalai Lama won Nobel prizes, Seinfeld made his first performances in New York and – in the northern Portuguese city of Porto – Serralves and Ipatimup were born.
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