Porto Cancer Meeting
XXIII Porto Cancer Meeting - Stem Cells and Cancer
2015/5/7 - 2015/5/8


Organizing Committee:

André Albergaria

Joana Paredes

Jorge Lima

Raquel Almeida

Raquel Seruca

Meeting Secretariat: Natália Lima (nlima@ipatimup.pt)




Thursday May 7


08:15 Registration


09:00 Welcome Session

Manuel Sobrinho-Simões (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


Session 1

Chair: Raquel Almeida (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


09:20 Gijs van den Brink(AMC - Academic Medical Center, The Netherlands)

The unfolded protein response regulates intestinal stem cell homeostasis


10:00 Kevin Myant (Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, UK)

HUWE1 acts as a tumour suppressor gene by limiting the intestinal stem cell phenotype, DNA damage accumulation and activated DVL/MYC signalling


10:40 Coffee break


Session 2

Chair: Carla Oliveira (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


11:10 Dinis Calado (The Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Modeling B Cell Derived Cancers, From Human to Mouse and Back


11:50 Bruno Pereira (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)

Dissecting the RNA-binding protein MEX3A functions in stemness, metabolism and polarity


12:30 Lunch


13:30 Poster discussion


Keynote Speaker

Chair: Leonor David (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


15:00 Thomas Brabletz (University of Friburg, Germany)

EMT, MicroRNAs and Cancer Stem Cells


15:45 Coffee break


Session 3

Chair: Jorge Lima (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


16:10 Paulo J. Oliveira (CNC - Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Portugal)

Mitochondrial and metabolic remodeling during P19 embryonal carcinoma cell differentiation


16:50 Ralph Lindemann (Merck Serono, Germany)

Cancer metabolism – old pathways, new tricks


17:30 Closing


Friday May 8


Session 4

Chair: André Albergaria (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


09:00 Pierre Savagner (Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier, France)

Slug/P-cadherin pathway controls epithelial cell dynamics and morphogenesis during mammary gland tubulogenesis and breast carcinoma progression


09:40 André Vieira (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)

P-cadherin and the journey to cancer metastasis


10:20 Coffee break


Session 5

Chair: Fátima Carneiro (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


11:00 Adriana Sanchez-Danes (Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium)

Defining the role of stem and progenitor cells during tumor initiation


11:40 Ana Sofia Rocha (Institute of Biology Valrose, France)

Unravelling the role of Rspondin3 in the hepatic stem cell niche


12:20 Lunch


13:30 Poster discussion


Keynote Speaker

Chair: Joana Paredes (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


15:00 Julio A. Aguirre-Ghiso (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY)

Mechanisms of disseminated tumor cell dormancy


15:45 Coffee break


Session 6

Chair: Paula Soares (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)


16:10 Catarina Brito (iBET - Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica, Portugal)

Bioengineering approaches for the development of novel 3D in vitro models for pre-clinical applications


16:50 Diana Nascimento (INEB/I3S, Portugal)

The Role of ECM in Development and Disease: “nesting” cells towards functional restoration


17:30 Closing Session

Raquel Seruca (Ipatimup/I3S, Portugal)



Registration fees* Before April 17, 2015 After April 17, 2015
Master and Post-docs Students/I3S personnel/Members of DPO - FMUP/ASPIC Members** 35€ 70€
Other professionals 100€ 120€

Registration Fee includes: Lunch, coffee breaks, park and book of abstracts.


* Due to the limited size of the Auditorium, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

** To qualify for the student or post-doc registration fee, a letter from the head of training is required (sent to the meeting secretariat).


Deadline for Abstract Submission: April 13, 2015






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