The Ipatimup presents, as one of the goals of its activity, providing diagnostic and consultation services in Portugal and at foreign.
The Ipatimup has 3 units of Services Providing that yearly carried out nearly 14.000 histopathology, cytopathology, molecular biology and identity and vicinism investigation tests. The pathologists, geneticists and researchers also carried out, per year, 3 to 4 hundreds of consultation tests to institutions of countries like: Germany, Argentine, Belgium, Brazil, USA, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, England, Italy, Mozambique, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.
The Ipatimup integrates, since its foundation, the Telepathology Consultation Center of the International Union against Cancer, hosted in Berlin, that provides diagnostic consultation to the whole world.
The investigation groups also provide diagnostic support services to the community in its specific areas of action. For example, the Ipatimup study the pieces of prophylactic gastrectomy carried out in the Mayo Clinic and in others USA Hospitals and evaluates the clinical-pathological meaning of the E- cadherin detected in european families with stomach hereditary cancer.

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