Research at Ipatimup is focused in carrying out basic and translational research and innovation on oncobiology, with a strong emphasis on pathology. It aims to improve cancer prevention and management of cancer patients. An important part of the research is centered on pre-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions of epithelial origin from the stomach, colon-rectum, breast and thyroid. Other areas of research include population genetics working on the genetic architecture of populations in order to understand, among others, the origin and spreading of diseases.

Ipatimup has numerous projects in collaboration with industry and Hospitals, in which translational initiatives derived from the Innovation & Translation Centre are developed and tested. Ipatimup Diagnostics performs pathology and molecular diagnosis and forensics for hospitals and courts in Portugal and abroad, being an international reference center for stomach and thyroid cancers.


Research Facilities

IPATIMUP has several research facilities that include Cell Lines Bank, In vivo CAM Assays, Tissue Microarray, Proteomics, a Sequencing Service (with Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing), a Slide Preparation Service and a Tumour Bank under a protocol with CH S João.

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