i3S Proteomics Scientific Platform provides access to mass spectrometry analysis of protein samples from extracts, solutions and gel bands. We are equipped with two mass spectrometers: i) an complete LC-MS system combining a nanoUHPLC on-line coupled to a electrospray ionization (ESI) high-resolution accurate-mass Orbitrap mass spectrometer (Q Exactive, Thermo Scientific) and ii) a MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer.

We are prepared to perform the following studies:

1) molecular mass determination of biomolecules including metabolites, peptides or proteins.

2) protein identification by high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry, LC-MS/MS

3) high-throughput quantitation of protein expression levels (labeled or label-free quantitation)

4) targeted protein quantitative analysis

5) characterization of protein post-translational modifications including phosphorylation, acetylation, glycosylation, among others.


The Proteomics Platform is available to perform the aforementioned approaches in a variety of experimental settings in order to provide answers to scientific questions and addressing the researchers needs. We offer our technical and scientific expertise with protocol design, experimental execution, and results/data interpretation. We also provide training in Workshops and pre-/post-graduate courses.

In addition, Proteomics Platform is integrated at RNEM, the Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Network. RNEM is included in the FCT's Research Infrastructures Roadmap.


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