Slides Digitalization Service

Slides Digitalization Service

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The Slides Digitalization Service (SDL) converts histological and cytological glass slides into high-quality and high-resolution digital images. The SDL provides also the storage those images and its visualization.


Whole slide digitalization provides several advantages:

- Coping and sharing: digitalized slides can be copied, stored and shared; this feature can be used in a variety of applications, for instance a large group of people can observe and discuss the same sample at the same time;

- Storage: the digital data can be viewed in its original quality anytime and anywhere;

- Networks: the slides can be observed and evaluate from anywhere, through the internet;

- Databases: a database can be created from a large number of digital slides, useful for the research and education institutes and also for conferences.


Therefore, this service intents to be used by every research units that apply microscopy in their studies, to education institutions, creating databases helpful for learning, and also events like conferences and congresses, for presentation and discussion of clinical cases.


SDL uses NanoZoomer 2.0HT from Hamamatsu. The digital images are stored with high resolution and can be viewed in any computer in a way similar of operating a optical microscope. Dgitalization can be performed either at 20X or 40X. Moreover the “Z-stack” feature allows visualization of thick samples focusing on different depths in the sample.


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