NEWTherapies [INEB]

NEWTherapies Group

Coordinator: Mário Barbosa

Deputy Coordinator: Pedro Granja



The main aim of the NEWTherapies Group is to develop Biomaterials and Nanomedicine integrated approaches towards tissue repair and regeneration, focusing mostly on osteoarticular, spine and neurosciences applications. Cell-based therapies for repairing cardiac injuries and novel strategies for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer are also being explored.


To fulfil these objectives the group is committed to elicit the required biological responses through:

a)    Understanding and guiding matrix-cell and cell-cell interactions;

b)    Designing surfaces and matrices at the molecular level;

c)    Promoting stem cell expansion and targeted differentiation.



The group integrates six complementary teams:

    Biomimetic Microenvironments (Leader: MA Barbosa)

      From understanding to modulating inflammation and stem cell behaviour during intervertebral disc and osteoarticular regeneration and cancer invasion.

    Bone Tissue Engineering (Leader: PL Granja)

      To direct and mechanistically follow cell behavior in engineered 3D microenvironments towards the development of cell-instructive injectable biomaterials for osteoregeneration.

    Biomaterials for Neurosciences (Leader: AP Pêgo)

      By using nanomedicine strategies our team aims at providing in situ and in a targeted manner the required signals to promote nervous tissue regeneration.

    Bioengineered Surfaces (Leader: MCL Martins)

      Surface biofunctionalization towards the design and development of new biomaterials to control specific biological responses.

    Neuro-osteogenesis (Leader: M Lamghari)

      Understand the role of the brain and sympathetic nervous system on bone remodelling and repair.

    Stem Cell Biology (Leader: P Pinto do Ó)

      The focus is at elucidating how stem/progenitor cells engage in regeneration and repair in adult-tissues.



Recent publications

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  • Bidarra SJ, Barrias CC, Barbosa MA, Soares R, Granja PL. Immobilization of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells within RGD-Grafted Alginate Microspheres and Assessment of Their Angiogenic Potential. Biomacromolecules 2010; 11 (8): 1956-1964.
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