José Luis Costa
Name: José Luis Costa
Academic Degree: PhD

José Luis Costa
José Luis Costa
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Ana Oliveira, Master Student (thesis)

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First Author
Liquid Biopsy: A New Tool in Oncology. Acta cytologica 63: 448, 2019. [Editorial Material] 
 doi: 10.1159/000501355 PMID: 31266005.
2. Costa JL, Sousa S, Justino A, Kay T, Fernandes S, Cirnes L, Schmitt F, Machado JC
 doi: 10.1002/humu.22272 PMID: 23315985.
3. Costa JL, Eijk PP, van de Wiel MA, ten Berge D, Schmitt F, Narvaez CJ, Welsh J, Ylstra B
4. Costa JL, Meijer G, Ylstra B, Caldas C
Senior Author
1. Marques JF, Junqueira-Neto S, Pinheiro J, Machado JC, Costa JL
Induction of apoptosis increases sensitivity to detect cancer mutations in plasma. European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 127: 130-138, 2020. [Article] 
Circulating Tumor DNA: A Step into the Future of Cancer Management. Acta cytologica 63: 456-465, 2019. [Review] 
 doi: 10.1159/000492917 PMID: 30852572.
3. Fernandes MGO, Jacob M, Martins N, Moura CS, Guimarães S, Reis JP, Justino A, Pina MJ, Cirnes L, Sousa C, Pinto J, Marques JA, Machado JC, Hespanhol V, Costa JL
Liquid biopsy: looking beyond EGFR mutations Medicine 98: ., 2019. [Meeting Abstract] 
5. Marques J, Neto SJ, Pinheiro J, Machado JC, Costa JL
6. Neto SJ, Marques J, Rad R, Melo SA, Machado JC, Costa JL
Horizontal transmission of mutation-driven drug resistance in cancer Medicine 98: ., 2019. [Meeting Abstract] 
7. Machado JC, Reis J, Fernandes M, Silva R, Cirnes L, Carneiro F, Costa JL
Tumor-specific neoantigens drive T-cell clonotype convergence European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 92: S11-S11, 2018. [Meeting Abstract] 
8. Machado JC, Reis J, Fernandes M, Silva R, Cirnes L, Chaudhary R, Carneiro F, Costa JL
Determining tumor mutation load using an NGS-based, target gene panel European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 92: S4-S5, 2018. [Meeting Abstract] 
9. Justino A, Dias P, João Pina M, Sousa S, Cirnes L, Berta Sousa A, Carlos Machado J, Costa JL
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