António Polónia
Name: António Polónia
Academic Degree: PhD, MD

António Polónia
António Polónia
Member of
Medical Specialist of Ipatimup Diagnostics

Short CV

Surgical Pathologist (MD) at Ipatimup Diagnostics (2014-Present)

FCM-UNL: Medicine (1998-2004); FMUP: Master's degree, Molecular Oncology (2010-2012); FMUP: PhD, Molecular Oncology (2012-2018)


Supervisor of

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
1. Polónia A, Canelas C, Caramelo A
The spectrum of HER2 expression in breast cancer: linking immunohistochemistry quantification with in situ hybridization assay. Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology 480: 1171-1179, 2022. [Article] 
2. Polónia A, Canelas C, Caramelo A
Reply to letter to the editor by Lee et al. Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology 481: 329-330, 2022. [Letter] 
3. Polónia A, Campelos S, Ribeiro A, Aymore I, Pinto D, Biskup-Fruzynska M, Veiga RS, Canas-Marques R, Aresta G, Araújo T, Campilho A, Kwok S, Aguiar P, Eloy C
Artificial Intelligence Improves the Accuracy in Histologic Classification of Breast Lesions. American journal of clinical pathology 155: 527-536, 2021. [Article] 
HER2 in situ hybridization test in breast cancer: quantifying margins of error and genetic heterogeneity. Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc 34: 1478-1486, 2021. [Article] 
5. Polónia A, Pinto R, Cameselle-Teijeiro JF, Schmitt FC, Paredes J
Senior Author
1. Conde-Sousa E, Vale J, Feng M, Xu K, Wang Y, Della Mea V, La Barbera D, Montahaei E, Baghshah M, Turzynski A, Gildenblat J, Klaiman E, Hong Y, Aresta G, Araújo T, Aguiar P, Eloy C, Polónia A
2. Dos Santos J, Cabrebra R, Neves B, Silva E, Polónia A
Squamous cell carcinoma with sarcomatous transformation of the penis. Autopsy & case reports 11: e2021303, 2021. [] 
3. Machado-Neves R, Teixeira B, Fonseca E, Valente P, Lindoro J, Vila F, Polónia A
Penile Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma: A Rare Case With PD-L1 Expression. International journal of surgical pathology 29: 690-692, 2021. [Article] 
4. Machado-Neves R, Vale J, Eloy C, Polónia A
What to expect from the 2018 ASCO/CAP HER2 guideline in the reflex in situ hybridization test of immunohistochemically equivocal 2+ cases? Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology 475: 303-311, 2019. [Article] 
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