Leonor David
Name: Leonor David
E-mail: ldavid@ipatimup.pt
Academic Degree: PhD, MD

Leonor David
Leonor David
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Consultant of Ipatimup Diagnostics

Short CV
Leonor David was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1955. Leonor David is a Pathologist and Full Professor of Pathology at the Medical Faculty of Porto, Porto, Portugal. She received a degree in medicine and earned her Ph.D. degree from the Medical Faculty of Porto, Portugal, in 1979 and 1993, respectively. She did part of her Ph.D. and postdoctoral research at the Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway and at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her main interest is focused on mucins and mucin glycosylation in gastric carcinogenesis. She is also particularly interested in the regulation of events leading to intestinal metaplasia. Leonor David participated in the organizing committee of several international meetings on cancer and mucin/mucin glycosylation, published over 100 papers in journals with peer-review, wrote 6 book chapters, is Member of the Council of the European Association for Cancer Research. Leonor David is president of ASPIC (Portuguese Association for Cancer Research).

Characterization and regulation of mucin glycosylation in carcinogenesis processes using different approaches, from glycopeptide characterization using Proximity Ligation Assays (PLA), to zinc-finger strategies to manipulate CDX2 dependent glycoproteome modifications, to classical approaches like luciferase assays, ChIP assays and immunofluorescence. Recently I have focused on the study of MUC16 mucin and its glycoforms in different cancer models, on production and characterization of MUC16 monoclonal antibodies and in dissecting the role of MUC16-mesothelin interaction in cancer progression.

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