Susana Seixas
Name: Susana Seixas
Academic Degree: PhD

Susana Seixas
Susana Seixas
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Consultant of Ipatimup Diagnostics
Junior Researcher of Genetic Diversity

Short CV
Susana Seixas is currently a researcher at Ipatimup in the group Proteolysis and Diseases. From the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (Portugal) Susana received a degree in Biological Sciences in 1995, a Master in Applied Human Genetics in 1998 and a PhD in Biology in 2003. Susana was a postdoctoral fellow at Ipatimup and at the Department of Human Genetics from the University Chicago (USA) until 2008, when she was contracted as researcher under the program for scientific employment “Ciência2007”. The activities of Susana include the collaboration with the Ipatimup Diagnostics Unit, where she is in charge of the genotyping service for the diagnostic of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency and the supervision of two PhD students (Zélia Ferreira and Patricia Marques) and the co-supervison of a postdoctoral fellow (Sílvia Pereira). As principal investigator Susana got two national grants, the first in 2007 and the second in 2012 and she participated as member of the research team in five other national grants. Recently, Susana was awarded with the Takeda Portugal 2012 prize from the Portuguese Society of Pneumology for the best work published in an international scientific journal.

The main goal of Susana Seixas research is to increase the understanding of the evolutionary history of proteolysis-related genes, having a particular focus on genes with functions in reproductive and innate immunity and their potential implications in the current patterns of health and disease. Her studies centered in the analysis of the sequence variation of serine protease inhibitors genes like SERPINA2, SERPINB11 and WFDC8 contributed to the identification of potential targets of natural selection and to the perception of the importance of proteolysis in human adaptations. Susana is also interested in the impact of proteolysis variability in disease susceptibility, more precisely in male infertility and in lung pathologies such as emphysema associated to alpha-1-antitripsin deficiency. Other general scientific interests include the understanding of genome organization and the evolution of gene families and their impact in protein interactions networks.

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