Ana Ribeiro
Name: Ana Ribeiro
Academic Degree: PhD

Ana Ribeiro
Ana Ribeiro
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Junior Researcher of Cancer Metastasis

Short CV
Ana Sofia Ribeiro studied Biochemistry at Science Faculty of Oporto University and performed her training period in the Immunology and cell biology group from Wageningen University, in the Netherlands, under the supervision of Jan Rombout and Heidi Huttenhuis. Her graduate studies were followed by a master degree in oncobiology at Medical faculty of Oporto University and Ipatimup, with the thesis untitled ""P-cadherin: role in breast cancer cell migration and invasion"", under supervision of Fernando Schmitt. In 2008, she initiated her phD work at Ipatimup, supervised by Fernando Schmitt and Joana Paredes, where she investigated the role of two cell adhesion molecules, E- and P-cadherin, in breast cancer progression. Ana Sofia Ribeiro is currently a pos-doctoral researcher in Joana Paredes group, where she aims to continue to unravel the paradoxical role of P-cadherin in processes that are crucial for cancer cell invasion and metastization.

Currently, our main interests are the molecular and signalling mechanism, involved in cancer cell invasion and metastization that are activated by cell-cell adhesion molecules (E- and P-cadherin).
Also, in order to understand P-cadherin functional and clinical relevance, we aim to get knowledge on its tissue specificity and functionality in both normal epithelial tissues and tumours.
Our work, will reinforced the importance of P-cadherin expression as a prognostic factor for breast cancer patients, supporting the development of new therapeutics to control aggressive carcinomas that express this epithelial cadherin.

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First Author
1. Ribeiro AS, Nobre AR, Mendes N, Almeida J, Vieira AF, Sousa B, Carvalho FA, Monteiro J, Polónia A, Fonseca M, Sanches JM, Santos NC, Seruca R, Paredes J
SRC inhibition prevents P-cadherin mediated signaling and function in basal-like breast cancer cells. Cell communication and signaling : CCS 16: 75, 2018. [Article] 
2. Ribeiro AS, Carvalho FA, Figueiredo J, Carvalho R, Mestre T, Monteiro J, Guedes AF, Fonseca M, Sanches J, Seruca R, Santos NC, Paredes J
 doi: 10.1039/c6nr04465d PMID: 27847941.
4. Ribeiro AS, Sousa B, Carreto L, Mendes N, Nobre AR, Ricardo S, Albergaria A, Cameselle-Teijeiro JF, Gerhard R, Söderberg O, Seruca R, Santos MA, Schmitt F, Paredes J
 doi: 10.1002/path.4143 PMID: 23180380.
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