Fernando Schmitt
Name: Fernando Schmitt
E-mail: fschmitt@ipatimup.pt
Academic Degree: PhD, MD

Fernando Schmitt
Fernando Schmitt
Member of
Medical Specialist of Epithelial Interactions in Cancer
Researcher of Ipatimup Diagnostics

Short CV
Dr. Schmitt is a Professor of Pathology at the Medical Faculty of University of Porto and leads the Pathology Unit at Ipatimup.
Dr. Schmitt has authored more than 373 papers in peer-review journal and 23 book chapters; Fernando is widely considered a world-leading expert in cytopathology and breast cancer. Fernando was a fellow at the Karolinska Medical Hospital, Stockholm, and a Professor at Medical Faculty of UNESP, Brazil. At the Ipatimup he’s been responsible for important work on breast pathology, with emphasis on molecular markers, cell adhesion and invasion, as well as on therapeutic targets and mechanisms of resistance. Under his guidance, the Unit of Pathology became the only anatomic pathology lab accredited by CAP in the Iberian Peninsula. Fernando serves as Associate Editor of three major scientific journals and sits on the editorial board of many others. He has also been chairman, president or scientific director of several major European, Portuguese and Brazilian scientific societies. Currently he is Secretary-General of the International Academy of Cytology (IAC). Fernando was recently named Educator of the Year 2011 by the Papanicoloau Society of Cytology (USA).During the last few years Fernando has led five collaborative scientific projects

Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer; Molecular Cytopathology; Therapeutic Targets

Supervisor of
Miguel Rodrigues, Research Trainee
Tiago Oliveira, Other
Research Trainee

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
Management of cytological material for ancillary studies: Still an issue one decade later? Cytopathology : official journal of the British Society for Clinical Cytology 30: 5-6, 2019. [Editorial Material] 
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Senior Author
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