Iva Gomes
Name: Iva Gomes
E-mail: igomes@i3s.up.pt
Academic Degree: PhD

Iva Gomes
Iva Gomes
Member of
Investigador Auxiliar of Population Genetics

Short CV


Supervisor of
Daniela Borges, Master Student (thesis)
MSc student

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
1. Gomes I, Pinto N, Antão-Sousa S, Gomes V, Gusmão L, Amorim A
2. Gomes I, Pereira V, Gomes V, Prata MJ, Pinto N, Carracedo A, Amorim A, Gusmão L
The Karimojong from Uganda: genetic characterization using an X-STR decaplex system. Forensic science international. Genetics 3: e127-8, 2009. [Article] 
3. Gomes I, Prinz M, Pereira R, Bieschke E, Mayr WR, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Gusmão L
X-chromosome STR sequence variation, repeat structure, and nomenclature in humans and chimpanzees. International journal of legal medicine 123: 143-9, 2009. [Article] 
4. Gomes I, Pereira R, Mayr WR, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Gusmão L
5. Gomes I, Prinz M, Pereira R, Meyers C, Mikulasovich RS, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Gusmão L
Genetic analysis of three US population groups using an X-chromosomal STR decaplex. International journal of legal medicine 121: 198-203, 2007. [Article] 
Senior Author
1. Gonzalez R, Martins S, Duraes L, Sousa P, Figueruelo M, Rodriguez M, Pita C, Arenas M, Alvarez L, Hornero R, Gomez C, Pinto N, Lopes AM, Gomes I
2. Loureiro S, Amorim A, Caine L, Silva B, Gomes I
Evaluation of two DNA/RNA co-extraction methods for body fluid identification in forensics Forensic science international. Genetics Supplement Series 7: 250-252, 2019. [Article] 
3. Gomes C, Amorim A, Okolie VO, Keshinro SO, Starke A, Vullo C, Gusmao L, Gomes I
Genetic insight into Nigerian population groups using an X-chromosome decaplex system Forensic science international. Genetics Supplement Series 7: 501-503, 2019. [Article] 
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