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Ipatimup Translational Research


 “Fostering collaborations and fueling innovation across biomedical industry”


In a global environment of budget cuts, including investment in scientific research, industry/academia R&D cooperative strategies are crucial to leverage resources and expertise, contributing to a patient-centered knowledge-driven innovative environment.


The Ipatimup Translational Research Unit is at the interface between the industrial communities, academic research teams and clinicians, potentiating the Institutes’ scientific knowledge as a means of delivering innovative clinical and translational research in cancer. Our strong ties with clinicians from oncology and general hospitals, allow gathering key clinical input and coin projects with clinical relevance. 

By placing industry and academia on equal footing and by generating added value partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, this unit aims to set up Ipatimup as a partner of excellence in research and development of breakthrough projects, thereby contributing to accelerate proof of concept and speed up drug development.

Ipatimup Translational Research Unit provides first- and best-in-class scientific expertise in oncology and cancer pathology, tailor-made to match the specific aims of each project and each partner. By furnishing the appropriate environment to share ideas and discuss how Ipatimup’s best research can impact unmet clinical and scientific needs of the industry, the Ipatimup Translational Research Unit contributes to narrow the gap between the cancer research discoveries and the development of new therapies to help cancer patients




Ipatimup Translational Research Unit is led by a team of innovative oncology scientists, fully dedicated to create value out of knowledge, with the support of experienced advisers and group leaders from different areas of oncology.



The human cancer models - including cell lines and cancer and/or pre-cancer lesions - that are the primary focus of our research are: Gastric, Colorectal, Breast and Thyroid. We are also developing research in tumours of the Brain, Lung, Kidney, Skin and Neuroendocrine System


The scientific expertise available at Ipatimup is grouped into the following categories: Cancer Cell Biology CANCER CELL BIOLOGY, Tumour Molecular PathologyTUMOUR MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY, Onco-(Epi)GeneticsONCO-(EPI)GENETICS, and Cancer-Related PathogensCANCER-RELATED PATHOGENS.



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