Outreach Activities
Cancer Prevention

70% of cancer deaths can be prevented through behavioral changes within reach. This is the challenge proposed by the current scientific knowledge.

The main objective of the Cancer Prevention Unit of Ipatimup is to reduce the burden of cancer and bases its strategy on the promotion of primary prevention - reduction of risk factors - and secondary prevention - early detection. Cancer prevention is regarded by the scientific evidence as the most effective strategy, and with the greatest potential, to achieve a real reduction in cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Cancer Prevention Unit is dedicated to the design and implementation of integrated and innovative programs for cancer prevention and health promotion, articulating its activity with a network of key stakeholders in health. It is a multidisciplinary unit at the interface of biomedical research, scientific outreach and multimedia production, specialized in the implementation of campaigns for the general public through audiovisual materials.

Embodying the mission values of Ipatimup, Cancer Prevention Unit is to decisively contribute to the reduction of oncological disease and this is achieved by promoting cancer literacy in the Portuguese population, by stimulating preventive behaviors and early detection, and by raising awareness and mobilizing the public around a central goal: preventing cancer.



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