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1. Lopes C, Costa A, Bergantim R, Silveira F, Nadais G
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 doi: 10.1111/hel.12867 PMID: 34967491.
3. Chandra A, Schmitt F
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4. Morais M, Pinto DM, Machado JC, Carneiro S
ctDNA on liquid biopsy for predicting response and prognosis in locally advanced rectal cancer: A systematic review. European journal of surgical oncology : the journal of the European Society of Surgical Oncology and the British Association of Surgical Oncology 48: 218-227, 2022. [Review] 
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8. Noronha C, Ribeiro AS, Taipa R, Castro DS, Reis J, Faria C, Paredes J
Cadherin Expression and EMT: A Focus on Gliomas. Biomedicines 9: ., 2021. [Review] 
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 doi: 10.1111/febs.15909 PMID: 33934527.
10. Costa B, Matos R, Amorim I, Gartner F, Vale N
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