Raquel Almeida
Name: Raquel Almeida
E-mail: ralmeida@i3s.up.pt
Academic Degree: PhD

Raquel Almeida
Raquel Almeida
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Short CV
Personal data

Name: Raquel Maria da Silva Graça Almeida
Birth date: 4th January 1973
Nationality: Portuguese
Email: ralmeida@ipatimup.pt

Academic degrees

Oct 2000 – PhD in Biomedicine, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto.
Oct 1996 – Master Degree in Oncobiology, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto.
Jun 1994 – Graduation in Biology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (classification 15/20).

Previous and current scientific and/or professional activities

Since 2005 – Affiliated professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto
Since Jul 2004 – Researcher at Ipatimup
Nov 2000 – Jun 2004 – Post-doctoral fellow at Ipatimup
Nov 1996 – Oct 2000 – PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen, Denmark and Ipatimup
Nov 1994 – Oct 1996 – Master student at Ipatimup and the Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen, Denmark

Supervising experience


Since Jan 2011 - Supervisor of Rita Henriques Pinto de Barros (Co-supervisor – Prof. Gijs van den Brink, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands): “Mouse models of intestinal

Ongoing PhD thesis

Since April 2011 – Supervisor of Ana Adelaide Direito Sadio (Co-supervisor – Ana Paula Pêgo, INEB): “Reverting Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia using siRNAs directed to CDX2”. Programa Doutoral em Educação Médica Avançada Gulbenkian/Champalimaud

Since April 2011 - Co-supervisor of Rita Isabel Morais Pinto (Supervisor - Leonor David, Ipatimup and Medical Faculty of Porto, Porto, Portugal): ""Cancer-associated sialyl-Tn carbohydrate antigen - regulation of its expression by CDX2 homeoprotein and contribution of mucin protein carriers for cancer progression""

Since Jan 2010 - Supervisor of Vânia Raquel Gomes Camilo (Co-supervisor - Markus Gerhard, Technical University of Munich, Germany): ""Sox2 modulation in the establishment of CDX2-dependent intestinal metaplasia of the stomach""

Since Jan 2009 - Supervisor of Bruno Miguel

I have been involved in the understanding of the molecular basis of the gastric preneoplastic lesion intestinal metaplasia and intestinal differentiation of gastric carcinomas. We were among the first groups to identify the functional relevance of the transcription factor CDX2 in intestinal metaplasia and we are currently involved in understanding how this protein becomes de novo expressed in the stomach. Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms have been identified. Understanding this process is not only likely to increase our knowledge on the normal mechanisms of differentiation but also, since metaplasia is a precursor lesion to gastric cancer, it will increase our possibilities of developing early diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Supervisor of
Bruno Pereira, Assistant Researcher
Assistant Researcher
Catarina Gonçalves, MSc student
PhD Student
Joana Barbosa, Research Trainee
Research Trainee
Patrícia Mesquita, Junior Researcher
Junior Researcher
Sara Ricardo, Visiting Researcher
Visiting Researcher
Sara Silva, Master Student (theoretical phase)
MSc student
Tomás Castro, Research Trainee
Research Trainee

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
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Senior Author
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