Nuno Mendes
Name: Nuno Mendes
Academic Degree: MSc

Nuno Mendes
Nuno Mendes
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PhD Student of Cancer Metastasis
Research Technician of Animal Model Facility
Research Technician of Animal Model Facility

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Nuno Mendes, BSc, MSc, is a Research Technician at Ipatimup/i3S. He integrates the Cell and Tissue Culture Scientific Platform (CTC) as co-Head and Head of the i3S Cell Lines Bank (BLC). He also integrates the Histology and Electron Microscopy Service (HEMS) at i3S. He He received his degree as a Pathology Technician in Escola Superior de Saúde do Porto and MSc in Medicine and Molecular Oncology in Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto in 2008. He started to work in research at Ipatimup in 2003 in projects studying gastric pathology associated with Helicobacter pylori infection. In 2009 had a work contract at Ipatimup working in cancer animal models (xenograft and transgenic models) as well as on establishing the Ipatimup´s Bank of Cell Lines wich is currently one of his responsibilities. One of his main interests at HEMS core facility is immunohistochemistry. Nuno Mendes has participated in more than 22 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


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First Author
1. Mendes N, Tortosa F, Valente A, Marques F, Matos A, Morais TS, Tomaz AI, Gärtner F, Garcia MH
In Vivo Performance of a Ruthenium-cyclopentadienyl Compound in an Orthotopic Triple Negative Breast Cancer Model. Anti-cancer agents in medicinal chemistry 17: 126-136, 2017. [Article] 
 PMID: 27671310.
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