Filipe Pinto
Name: Filipe Pinto
Academic Degree: PhD

Filipe Pinto
Filipe Pinto
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Assistant Researcher of Glycobiology in Cancer

Short CV

I am an expert on cancer biology with more than 10 years of experience. My track record demonstrates expertise in cancer biology, biomarkers for diagnosis and therapy and genetically engineered cancer models of disease. I have a degree in Genetics and Biotechnology (2009), a master in Biotechnology for Health Sciences (2011) and an international PhD in Health Sciences approved with the highest mention in 2016. My PhD work was internationally developed at the best Institutions of Europe and South America, Life and Health Science Research Institute (Portugal), King¿s College (UK), Molecular Oncology Research Center (Brazil), and in collaboration with Bangor Univ, UK; being recognized 5 time by prestigious international funding agencies (EACR, FEBS, FAPESP). This international education allowed me to engage in numerous international workshops, trainings and collaborations. My work was selected for the principal cover in Human Mol Gen (IF:7.7) and highlighted at Nature Rev Urol (IF:11). I have contributed for the discovery of a novel cancer vaccine target (e.g. Clin Cancer Res 2015, IF:10.1; Gastric Cancer 2016, IF:7.1), currently under Phase II clinical trial (NCI-15-C-0118). Since 2016, I am a PostDoc researcher, with a strong international collaborative network and track record of accomplished and productive research. I have published 25 peer-reviewed papers (24 in Q1, average IF = 6.4), 11 as first author, h-index of 10 and >290 citations. I have identified specific glycan mechanisms of driving gastric cancer aggressiveness (Ebiomed 2019, IF:6.8) and I have glycoengineered unique cancer cell models to investigate glycans associated with cancer prognosis (Theranostic 2019, IF:8.6; Cells 2020, IF:4.4; Cancers 2021, IF:6.2). I am also co-founder of 2 new cancer glycan-based tools (GlycoTarget, GlycoDiagnostic), recognized with 40K euros by the 2 major national translational programs (RESOLVE, HiSeedTech). My research has been nationally and internationally recognized , which is reflected in the several selected or invited talks (8 oral and 40 poster presentations), scientific and translational programs, and awards (in a total of 13). I have been dedicated to training a specialized team of researchers, aiming to create a unique Research line at i3S. I am PI of a FCT project (50.000 euros) aiming to develop new 3D cancer models based on their glycome for patient stratification and treatment. I am also a research member of other 5 ongoing projects (total >7M euros). I am a member of MSc thesis examination boards and I was chair and organized an International scientific meeting (2019). Recently, I have joined the editorial board of Life (IF:3) and I am also referee in diverse scientific journals, including Cancer Communication. Currently, my research is focused on the cancer glycome associated with drug resistance and in the development of novel platforms for personalized medicine.


Supervisor of
Eva Moia, Master Student (theoretical phase)
MSc student
Liliana Santos-Ferreira, PhD Student
PhD student

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
2. Pinto F, Costa ÂM, Santos GC, Matsushita MM, Costa S, Silva VA, Miranda-Gonçalves V, Lopes CM, Clara CA, Becker AP, Neder L, Hajj GN, da Cunha IW, Jones C, Andrade RP, Reis RM
The T-box transcription factor brachyury behaves as a tumor suppressor in gliomas. The Journal of pathology 251: 87-99, 2020. [Article] 
 doi: 10.1002/path.5419 PMID: 32154590.
3. Pinto F, Costa ÂM, Andrade RP, Reis RM
Brachyury Is Associated with Glioma Differentiation and Response to Temozolomide. Neurotherapeutics : the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics 17: 2015-2027, 2020. [Article] 
4. Pinto F, Cárcano FM, da Silva ECA, Vidal DO, Scapulatempo-Neto C, Lopes LF, Reis RM
 doi: 10.1111/andr.12495 PMID: 29749711.
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