Joana Pereira
Name: Joana Pereira
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Joana Pereira
Joana Pereira
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Joana Pereira obtained her bachelor´s degree in Biochemistry in 2015 at the University of Coimbra and completed her master's degree in Oncology with specialization in Molecular Oncology in 2017 at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Abel Salazar of the University of Porto (ICBAS). During her master studies, Joana Pereira investigated the role of P-cadherin in the metabolic reprograming of breast cancer cells. Then, she applied and integrated a project aiming to identify the mechanisms underlying the sensing of E-cadherin dysfunctional cells by normal epithelia and their subsequent basal extrusion, under the supervision of Prof. Raquel Seruca and Dr. Joana Figueiredo. During this period, Joana Pereira joined a multidisciplinary team responsible to evaluate the functional relevance of E-cadherin missense mutations found worldwide through the International Gastric Cancer Linkage Consortium (IGCLC). 

Currently, Joana Pereira is a PhD student at the Epithelial Interactions in Cancer Group, under the project "Addressing migration dynamics of E-cadherin dysfunctional cells during epithelial closure: a new approach to predict the risk for orofacial clefting disorders", where she intends to identify the molecular mechanisms and critical signaling events responsible for the abnormal lip/palate closure in E-cadherin germline mutation carriers.


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