Irene Gullo
Name: Irene Gullo
Academic Degree: PhD, MD

Irene Gullo
Irene Gullo
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She obtained the Master degree in Medicine (MD) at the University of Génova (Italy) in 2013 with a final classification of 110/110 cum laude and awarding of an official “merit badge”. She moved to Porto in 2014, where she obtained the PhD degree in Molecular and Oncology Medicine on March 2019. Her pHD thesis was focused on the "Morphologic, Immunophenotypic and Molecular Heterogeneity in Gastric Cancer". She completed the residency program in Pathology in 2020, obtaining a final classification of 19.57/20. Actually she is a pathologist at Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João (Porto) and assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. She is author of ~30 papers in indexed peer-reviewed journals and she presented her works in -50 oral communications/posters. Her areas of interest include gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatobiliary pathology. She is a fan of digital pathology, artificial intelligence and “omics” technologies applied in Pathology. 


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First Author
1. Gullo I, van der Post RS, Carneiro F
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A challenging diagnosis in paediatric pathology: BCOR-CCNB3 sarcoma Virchows Archiv 475: S232-S232, 2019. [Meeting Abstract] 
6. Gullo I, Carneiro F, Oliveira C, Almeida GM
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