André Albergaria
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André Albergaria
André Albergaria
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André Albergaria is a specialist in Molecular Oncology and a Post-doctoral fellow at IPATIMUP. His scientific expertise is focused on breast cancer, mainly on genetic and epigenetic regulatory mechanisms, endocrine resistance, and on the identification of new prognostic tools for managing breast cancer. During his scientific career, André was involved in more than11 projects, especially on breast cancer. André has a Mini-MBA in BioBusiness, from AMC Graduate School and Amsterdam BioMed Cluster, Netherlands, and has participated in several post-graduate courses in Translational Cancer Research. He is the Director of the IPATIMUP Translational Research Unit, a group that aims to be the interface between the pharma and biotech industry and IPATIMUP’s research teams, potentiating in-house scientific knowledge as a means of generating novel cooperative strategies in cancer research R&D. André obtained his Masters degree in Molecular Oncology from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University and his PhD was developed in joining collaboration between the Institute of Life Sciences and Health (ICVS) from University of Minho, IPATIMUP and Imperial College School of Medicine, London, England, where he was a PhD resident student between 2006 and 2008. André is an Affiliate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University since 2012. André have been established collaborations with hospitals in order to create a well characterize breast tumour bank. During the last 12 years of scientific career André has published 30 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.

Translational Research in Cancer
Breast Cancer
Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Transcriptions Factors
Endocrine Resistance
Discovery of new prognostic tools for breast cancer managment

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First Author
2. Albergaria A, Ribeiro A S, Vieira AF, Sousa B, Nobre AR, Seruca R, Schmitt F, Paredes J
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3. Albergaria A, Ricardo S, Milanezi F, Carneiro V, Amendoeira I, Vieira D, Cameselle-Teijeiro J, Schmitt F
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5. Albergaria A, Paredes J, Sousa B, Milanezi F, Carneiro V, Bastos J, Costa S, Vieira D, Lopes N, Lam EW, Lunet N, Schmitt F
 PMID: 19549328.
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