Paula Soares
Name: Paula Soares
Academic Degree: PhD

Paula Soares
Paula Soares
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Consultant of Ipatimup Diagnostics

Short CV

Paula Soares, BSc, MSc, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Biopathology at the Medical Faculty of Porto and coordinates the Group of Cancer Biology at the IPATIMUP/Cancer signaling and Metabolism at I3S. She received her Biology degree in Science Faculty, University of Porto and MSc and PhD degrees at the Medical Faculty, University of Porto. Her main research interests include oncobiology of thyroid and other neuroendocrine tumors, mainly addressing the cellular and molecular biology of thyroid tumors. Her team identify BRAF and TERT promoter mutations in thyroid tumors and become one of the world?s most cited group in thyroid carcinogenesis. Besides participating or leading several national and international funded projects, the practical relevance of Paula?s work has allowed her to secure funding and collaborations from several major pharmaceutical companies. She has over 240 papers (including book chapters) in peer-reviewed journals, mainly addressing the cellular and molecular biology of thyroid tumors, with over 8.000 citations and an h-index of 45. She is also a member of numerous scientific committees and evaluation boards and serves on grant review committees and in journal editorial and review boards.

Cellular and molecular biology of thyroid tumors

Supervisor of
Adriana Silva, Master Student (theoretical phase)
MSc student
Antónia Póvoa, Assistant Professor
External Researcher
Arnaud Paula, Assistant Researcher
Assistant Researcher
Bárbara Ferreira, External Consultant
Research Fellowship (MSc)
Bruno Carvalho, Assistant Professor
César Martins, PhD Student
PhD student
Elisabete Rios, PhD Student
PhD student
Elisabete Teixeira, Research Fellowship (MSc)
João Brás, Junior Researcher
Junior Researcher
João Vinagre, Assistant Researcher
Assistant Researcher
Jorge Lima, Researcher
Leandro Miranda-Alves, Visiting Researcher
Visiting Researcher
Lucas Caridade, Research Trainee
Research Trainee
Luís Cardoso, PhD Student
PhD student
Nuno Mendes, Research Technician
Team Member
Raquel Lima, Collaborator
External Consultant
Rui Batista, Collaborator
Visiting Researcher
Rui Martins, Master Student (theoretical phase)
MSc student
Sara Soares, Research Trainee
Research Trainee
Tiago Gaspar, Assistant Professor
External Researcher
Tito Jesus, Junior Researcher
Junior Researcher

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
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Senior Author
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