Carla Oliveira
Name: Carla Oliveira
Academic Degree: Doctor of philosophy

Carla Oliveira
Carla Oliveira
Member of
Consultant of Ipatimup Diagnostics

Short CV
Education and Training
2004-2005: Post-doc fellow Pathology Dept and Laboratory Medicine, Univ. British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
2002-2004: Post-doc fellow Cancer Genetics Group, Ipatimup
2002/03/15: Ph.D. in Human Biology, GABBA Ph.D. Program, Medical Fac., Univ. Porto
2001-2002: Ph.D. student Cancer Genetics Group, Ipatimup
1999-2001: Visiting Ph.D. student, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cambridge Univ., UK
1995-1996: Degree Training at IBILI, Coimbra, Portugal
1991-1995: Biochemistry Degree, Faculty of Science and Technology, Univ. Coimbra

Research Positions
2013/01-present: Group Leader of the Expression Regulation in Cancer Group, Ipatimup
2011/09-2012/08: Guest Scientist, E Izaurralde’s lab, Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany
2011/01-present: Principal Investigator with tenure, Ipatimup
2008/01-2010/12: Team Leader and Independent Researcher in Cancer Genetics Group, Ipatimup
2006/01-present: Affiliated Professor, Medical Faculty of Univ. Porto
2005/07-2010/12: Researcher in the Cancer Genetics Group, Ipatimup

• Current supervision of 4 Post-docs; co-supervision of 2 Post-docs; supervision of 1 Ph.D student and co-supervision of 2 Ph.D students
• Past Supervision of 1 Post-doc, 5 Ph.D., 3 Masters and 5 Degree Training Thesis

• Fellowships already funded and anchored in Carla Oliveira’s team research:
- 6 PhD and 3 Post-doc Fellowships, FCT (Portuguese Science & Technology Foundation( (2008-2015)
- 4 EMBO Short Term Fellowships (2008-2011)

• Member of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and Organizer of European Human Genetics Conferences (2010-2013)
• Member of the SPC and Organizer of Portuguese Society of Human Genetics Conferences (2010-2013)
• Regular Reviewer of at least 20 Peer Review Journals and National and International Funding Agencies

The “EXPRESSION REGULATION IN CANCER” group aims, in the next three years, to identification cancer-associated expression regulatory mechanisms that impact early diagnosis, prognosis and chemotherapy-induced resistance in cancer.

Specific aims:
1. Identify the molecular basis of familial gastric cancer (HDGC and Familial Intestinal Gastric Cancer - FIGC);
2. Uncover somatic regulation in gastric cancer and its relationship with patients’ prognosis;
3. Optimize tools for early diagnosis of gastric cancer;
4. Uncover mechanisms involved in metastasis and chemotherapy-induced resistance using Epithelial-Mesenchymal-Epithelial transitions (EMT/MET) experimental models;
5. Unravel the role of mRNA mistranslation in human cancer.

Supervisor of
Ana André, Visiting Researcher
Rita Matos, PhD Student
Ana Rita Monteiro, Visiting Researcher
Celina São José, PhD Student
Clara Borges, Visiting Researcher
Diana Martins, External Researcher
Francisco Almeida, Master Student (thesis)
Hugo Pinheiro, External Researcher
Irene Gullo, Visiting Researcher
Joana Guerra, PhD Student
Joana Carvalho, Junior Researcher
Joaquín Jurado Maqueda, Visiting Researcher
Liliana Sousa, PhD Student
Marta Ferreira, Visiting Researcher
Nuno P. Teixeira, Master Student (thesis)
Pedro Ferreira, Researcher
Rúben Rodrigues, PhD Student
Sara Rocha, PhD Student
Silvana Lobo, Visiting Researcher

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
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Senior Author
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