Raquel Silva
Name: Raquel Silva
E-mail: raquels@ipatimup.pt
Academic Degree: Doctor of philosophy

Raquel Silva
Raquel Silva
Member of
External Researcher of Population Genetics

Short CV
I finished the degree in Biology in 1999 with the classification of Very Good (18 values out of 20), receiving several outstanding achievement prizes. After joining the GABBA PhD program (U. Porto), I was awarded the PhD in Biology in 2005 (U. Aveiro) on the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the evolution of a genetic code alteration in yeast. During the PhD project I received training in genomics and proteomics, namely DNA-microarrays and protein 2D-PAGE, in the laboratories of Doctor Frank Holstege (University Medical Centre, Utrecht) and Doctor Hélian Boucherie (Institut de Biochimie et Génétique Cellulaires, CNRS, Bordeaux), respectively. As a post-doctoral fellow I have studied the role of mRNA mistranslation on cell physiology, degeneration and aging, using a combination of molecular biology and metabolomics. In September 2008 I joined the Population Genetics group at Ipatimup as an Auxiliary Researcher.

Current research addresses the evolution of proteins and metabolic pathways across species, and additional lines of investigation are maintained in collaboration with CESAM (UA), IMAR (UC), FMUP and CIIMAR (UP). The objectives are mainly the development of molecular markers to characterize evolution in natural populations and detect mutations in clinical isolates.

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PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
1. Silva RM, Duarte IC, Paredes JA, Lima-Costa T, Perrot M, Boucherie H, Goodfellow BJ, Gomes AC, Mateus DD, Moura GR, Santos MA
2. Silva RM, Miranda I, Moura G, Santos MA
Yeast as a model organism for studying the evolution of non-standard genetic codes. Briefings in functional genomics & proteomics 3: 35-46, 2004. [] 
 PMID: 15163358.
Senior Author
1. Duarte-Pereira S, Silva SS, Azevedo L, Castro L, Amorim A, Silva RM
 doi: 10.1038/srep06311 PMID: 25201160.
2. Carneiro J, Duarte-Pereira S, Azevedo L, Castro LF, Aguiar P, Moreira IS, Amorim A, Silva RM
The Evolutionary Portrait of Metazoan NAD Salvage. PloS one 8: e64674, 2013. [Article] 
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