Marta Pinto
Name: Marta Pinto
Academic Degree: PhD

Marta Pinto
Marta Pinto
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Lab Manager of In vivo CAM Assays

Short CV
Marta Teixeira Pinto is responsible for the “in vivo CAM assays unit” at Ipatimup/I3S. This core facility provides scientific expertise and services using the chick embryo model specifically, its chorioallantoic membrane (CAM). The research facility provides access to alternative/additional in vivo tools to evaluate angiogenesis, tumorigenesis, invasion, metastization and vascular permeability. The available collection of functional assays can be applied to cells, biomaterials, drugs, supernatants or extracts.
MT Pinto joined Ipatimup as an Investigator Ciência 2008 (2009) of the Cancer Genetics Group and was mainly dedicated to the study of cancer related features using the CAM model. After setting up the lab and implementing several CAM assays, she established the “In vivo CAM assays service” at Ipatimup (2012) and founded the spin-off “Expertus, CAM assays” (2013-2015). MT Pinto graduated in Biochemistry (FCUP; 1999) and both MSc (FMUL; 2001) and PhD (FMUP; 2008) theses concerned the study of the endogenous pain control system in acute and chronic pain states and involved extensive use of animal models. MT Pinto has published 26 papers in international peer reviewed journals (Q1) with an H index of 12 (ResearcherID: J-2519-2013). She is co-author of two patents.

Marta Teixeira Pinto specific focus of research is to evaluate angiogenesis, invasion and metastization using multidisciplinary approaches that include both in vitro and in vivo chick embryo assays.

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First Author
1. Pinto M, Soares P, Ribatti D
Thyroid hormone as a regulator of tumor induced angiogenesis. Cancer letters 301: 119-26, 2011. [Review] 
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