Verónica Gomes
Name: Verónica Gomes
Academic Degree: PhD

Verónica Gomes
Verónica Gomes
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Junior Researcher of Population Genetics

Short CV

Verónica Gomes has a BSc in Biology - scientific branch (Univ Porto, 2006) and a PhD on Forensic Sciences and Pathology (Univ Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2011). Her research has been focused on knowledge of the past and evolution of different human populations, particularly from Africa and South America, through the analysis of autosomal, mitochondrial and sex-chromosome associated markers. Nowadays, she is also interested in applying her population genetics expertise in the identification and modeling of the impact of germline and somatic genetic alterations in disease, particularly cancer. Currently, VG is a Junior Research at i3S (through DL nº 57/2016) and is also an invited Professor of Forensic Genetics Master Program by Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. During her career, VG published 26 research papers in international journals (5 of which as first author), 2 reviews, and 4 peer-reviewed proceedings, with 544 citations and with an h-index of 15. Till nowadays, she (co-)supervised 7 MSc students, and is actually (co-)supervising 3 MSc students.

Molecular biology.
Population genetics:
- Study the presence of Y-chromosome and mtDNA markers with a sub-Saharan origin in some regions of mainland Portugal.
- Genetic study of the Nilotic tribes living in Uganda.
- Screening new genetic markers to discriminate different origins and migration routes of South Amerindian populations.
- Study polymorphisms in TPMT gene in children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

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First Author
1. Gomes V, Pala M, Salas A, Álvarez-Iglesias V, Amorim A, Gómez-Carballa A, Carracedo Á, Clarke DJ, Hill C, Mormina M, Shaw MA, Dunne DW, Pereira R, Pereira V, Prata MJ, Sánchez-Diz P, Rito T, Soares P, Gusmão L, Richards MB
Mosaic maternal ancestry in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. Human genetics 134: 1013-27, 2015. [Article] 
2. Gomes V, Sánchez-Diz P, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Gusmão L
Digging deeper into East African human Y chromosome lineages. Human genetics 127: 603-13, 2010. [Article] 
3. Gomes V, Sánchez-Diz P, Alves C, Gomes I, Amorim A, Carracedo A, Gusmão L
Senior Author
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