Manuela Oliveira
Name: Manuela Oliveira
Academic Degree: Doctor of philosophy

Manuela Oliveira
Manuela Oliveira
Member of
Junior Researcher of Population Genetics

Short CV
Name: Maria Manuela Martins Oliveira

Career path:
• Degree in Biology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto in 1999).
• Master Degree in Genetic Resources (University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in 2003).
• Doctor in Biology (Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto in 2009).

Current situation: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Professional experience:
• Principal Researcher in a project financed by IJUP, at Ipatimup (since 2012).
• Researcher at Ipatimup (since 2011).
• Researcher at IBMC and FCUP (2001-2009).
• Research trainee at Centre de Recherches Agronomiques de Gembloux, Belgium (2000).

Publications in international reviews or peer-reviewed conference proceedings: 28

Oral communications: 10

Poster communications: 28

Collaborations with other institutions:
• Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal;
• Department of Botany, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal;
• Department of GeoSciences and Territory Managment, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal;
• Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the North Region (DRAPN), Portugal;
• Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Central Region (DRAPC), Portugal;
• Association for the Development of Viticulture Douro (ADVID), Portugal;
• Technical Association of Winegrowers of Alentejo (Ateva), Portugal;
• Association of Winegrowers of Palmela (AVIPE), Portugal;
• Department of Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Santiago, Santiago de Compostela, Spain;
• Department of Plant Biology and Soil Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain;
• Division of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, Innsbruck Medical University, Innsbruck, Austria;
• INRA, UMR Santé et Agroécologie du Vignoble, Bordeaux, France.

Contests, Awards and Distinctions Awarded:
• 2014: Selected for the Third Phase of the Contest AcreditaPortugal, organized by Associação Acredita Portugal;
• 2014: Selected for the Second Phase of the Contest COHITEC, organized by Cotec;
• 2014: Finalist ArriscaC Contest, Category: Buisness Paln, organized by the Division of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, University of Coimbra
• 2013: Finalist of the Contest Portugal Ventures, organized by the Call for Entrepreneurship;
• 2013: Finalist of the Contest BES Innovation, organized by Banco Espírito Santo;
• 2008: Travel Award (4th European Symposium on Aerobiology);
• 2006: Travel Grant (8th International Congress on Aerobiology);
• 2004: IPC Grants (XI International Congress on Palinology);
• 2003: GlaxoSmithkline Award (National Pollen Research Unit, University College Worcester);
• 2002: Audery Smith Travel Award (Society for Low Temperatures Biology).

• Isolation of the main fungal types present in clinical, environmental and forensic samples;
• Development of molecular markers for fungal detection and identification (application to clinics, agronomic, environment, and forensic sciences);
• Study of cell death mechanisms (autophagy, apoptosis and necrosis) in conidia from different Aspergillus species, using flow citometry and fluorescence microscopy.

Supervisor of
Talita Coelho, Master Student (thesis)

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
Microbial forensics: new breakthroughs and future prospects. Applied microbiology and biotechnology 102: 10377-10391, 2018. [Review] 
2. Oliveira M, Arenas M, Lage O, Cunha M, Amorim MI
Epiphytic fungal community in Vitis vinifera of the Portuguese wine regions. Letters in applied microbiology 66: 93-102, 2018. [Article] 
 doi: 10.1111/lam.12826 PMID: 29139139.
3. Oliveira M, Amorim MI, Azevedo L
Authentication of plant food products: Under the magnification of Botany Forensics Nova Acta Científica Compostelana 24: 45-62, 2017. [] 
4. Oliveira M, Pereira C, Bessa C, Araujo R, Saraiva L
Hydrogen peroxide-induced secondary necrosis in conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus. Canadian journal of microbiology 62: 95-101, 2016. [Article] 
5. Oliveira M, Cunha M
Study of the Portuguese populations of powdery mildew fungus from diverse grapevine cultivars (Vitis vinifera) Journal international des sciences de la vigne et du vin 49: 173-182, 2015. [Article] 
6. Oliveira M, Pereira C, Bessa C, Araujo R, Saraiva L
Chronological aging in conidia of pathogenic Aspergillus: Comparison between species. Journal of microbiological methods 118: 57-63, 2015. [Article] 
7. Oliveira M, Lackner M, Amorim A, Araujo R
8. Oliveira M, Caramalho R
Aspergillus fumigatus: a mere airborne particle or a powerful biohazard? Nova Acta Científica Compostelana 21: 57-64, 2014. [] 
Senior Author
1. Martins C, Ferreira PM, Carvalho R, Costa SC, Farinha C, Azevedo L, Amorim A, Oliveira M
2. Anjo SI, Figueiredo F, Fernandes R, Manadas B, Oliveira M
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