António Amorim
Name: António Amorim
Academic Degree: PhD

António Amorim
António Amorim
Member of
Consultant of Ipatimup Diagnostics
Researcher of Population Genetics

Short CV

Antonio Amorim is Emeritus Professor at the Biology Department, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto and leads the Population Genetics and Evoluton research group at i3S. His research focuses on mathematical modeling in pure and applied (forensics and diagnostics) population genetics and evolution. Among most relevant published results, those reconstructing the history of domestications and the phylogeny of lab mice lines, the demographic genetic history of various human populations and the estimation of mutation rates can be cited. He sits on the Editorial boards of various journals, has sat on the Board of various scientific societies and was the Director of various postgraduate programs. His publication record (Scopus) amounts to 491 papers, over 11,500 citations, and an h-index of 52.

Origin and evolution of genetic diversity, consequences and applications, both normal and pathological, using autosomal, X and Y linked, and mtDNA markers
Phylogeny and evolution: development of descriptive and analytical tools and techniques adequate to specific genomic segments
Molecular diagnostics of genetic diseases
Identification and diagnostic tools for humans, their commensal/pathogenic species, domesticates and laboratory animals.
History, conservation and management of domesticates and laboratory animals
Food quality assessment.

Supervisor of
Luísa Azevedo, Collaborator
External Consultant
Leonor Gusmão, Research Consultant
Miguel Arenas, Collaborator
External Consultant
Nádia Pinto, Assistant Researcher
Investigador Auxiliar
Rui Pereira, Collaborator

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
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Senior Author
1. Machado H, Granja R, Amorim A
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