Luísa Pereira
Name: Luísa Pereira
Academic Degree: PhD

Luísa Pereira
Luísa Pereira
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Researcher of Genetic Diversity

Short CV
I have a degree in Biology (1995), a master degree in Applied Human Genetics (1997) and a PhD in Biology – field of Human Population Genetics (2001), by Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. I was post-doc at Ipatimup and Department of Statistics of University of Oxford. I am a researcher at Ipatimup since 2004 and group leader since 2006. I have been interested in using genetics to infer the past and evolution of human populations as well as on disentangling between neutral and pathological diversities. I have been working on the genetic diversity of European, African, Near Eastern and Arabian Peninsula human populations. I am co-author of 75 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and a popular science book.

- Using high-resolution population genetic studies (complete mitochondrial genomes and genome-wide studies) for a fine characterisation of main human migrations, as: out-of-Africa; settlement of Southeast Asia and Europe; post-glacial expansions in several regions of the world; Neolithisation of Europe; and transatlantic slave trade.
- Cross-talk between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes. Evaluation of selection effects and pathogenicity.
- Genetic susceptibility to Dengue infection in Europe.

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Ana Magalhaes, Junior Researcher
Junior Researcher
Carla Santos, PhD Student
PhD student
Nasser Calumbuana, PhD Student
PhD student
Ricardo Pinto, Fellow
PhD Fellowship
Verónica Fernandes, Assistant Researcher
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First Author
1. Pereira L, Mutesa L, Tindana P, Ramsay M
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Senior Author
1. Magalhães AC, Ricardo S, Moreira AC, Nunes M, Tavares M, Pinto RJ, Gomes MS, Pereira L
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