José Carlos Machado
Name: José Carlos Machado
Academic Degree: Doctor of philosophy

José Carlos Machado
José Carlos Machado
Member of
Molecular Genetics Specialist of Ipatimup Diagnostics

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Supervisor of
Ana Vilarinho, Research Trainee
Anabela Ferro, Junior Researcher
Betina Oliveira Rocha, Visiting Researcher
Carlos Resende, Junior Researcher
Cátia Pereira, Research Technician
Cecília Durães, Junior Researcher
Helena Ferreira, PhD Student
José Luis Costa, Affiliated Researcher
Márcia Baixia, Research Technician
Gabriela Fernandes, PhD Student
Maria Quental, Research Technician
Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos, Junior Researcher
Paulo Canedo, Unit Manager
Raquel Silva, Young Research Technician
Regina Pinto, Lab Technician
Ricardo Pinto, PhD Student
Rui Silva, Quality manager
Sara Silva, Fellow
Tânia Pereira, Administrative Assistant

PI (running)

PI (closed)
First Author
1. Machado JC, Reis J, Fernandes M, Silva R, Cirnes L, Carneiro F, Costa JL
Tumor-specific neoantigens drive T-cell clonotype convergence European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 92: S11-S11, 2018. [Meeting Abstract] 
2. Machado JC, Reis J, Fernandes M, Silva R, Cirnes L, Chaudhary R, Carneiro F, Costa JL
Determining tumor mutation load using an NGS-based, target gene panel European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 92: S4-S5, 2018. [Meeting Abstract] 
3. Machado JC, Figueiredo C, Canedo P, Pharoah P, Carvalho R, Nabais S, Castro Alves C, Campos ML, Van Doorn LJ, Caldas C, Seruca R, Carneiro F, Sobrinho-Simões M
 PMID: 12891537.
5. Machado JC, Pharoah P, Sousa S, Carvalho R, Oliveira C, Figueiredo C, Amorim A, Seruca R, Caldas C, Carneiro F, Sobrinho-Simões M
 PMID: 11606496.
6. Machado JC, Oliveira C, Carvalho R, Soares P, Berx G, Caldas C, Seruca R, Carneiro F, Sobrinho-Simöes M
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Primary signet-ring cell carcinomas of the lung. Human pathology 31: 272, 2000. [Letter] 
 PMID: 10685649.
10. Machado JC, Soares P, Carneiro F, Rocha A, Beck S, Blin N, Berx G, Sobrinho-Simões M
E-cadherin gene mutations provide a genetic basis for the phenotypic divergence of mixed gastric carcinomas. Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology 79: 459-65, 1999. [Article] 
 PMID: 10211998.
Pattern of pS2 protein expression in premalignant and malignant lesions of gastric mucosa. European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP) 5: 169-79, 1996. [Article] 
 PMID: 8818606.
12. Machado JC, Carneiro F, Ribeiro P, Blin N, Sobrinho-Simões M
pS2 protein expression in gastric carcinoma. An immunohistochemical and immunoradiometric study. European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 32A: 1585-90, 1996. [Article] 
 PMID: 8911122.
Female sex hormone receptors are not involved in gastric carcinogenesis. A biochemical and immunohistochemical study. European journal of cancer prevention : the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP) 3 Suppl 2: 31-7, 1994. [Proceedings Paper] 
 PMID: 7735043.
Senior Author
1. Garcia D, Gullo I, Spaans L, Miranda S, Reis J, Costa JL, Carneiro F, Machado JC
The influence of the genetic and immunologic context in the development of colorectal adenoma Virchows Archiv 475: S200-S200, 2019. [Meeting Abstract] 
2. Camargo MC, Figueiredo C, Machado JC
Review: Gastric malignancies: Basic aspects. Helicobacter 24 Suppl 1: e12642, 2019. [Review] 
 doi: 10.1111/hel.12642 PMID: 31486241.
3. Malfertheiner P, Megraud F, O'Morain CA, Gisbert JP, Kuipers EJ, Axon AT, Bazzoli F, Gasbarrini A, Atherton J, Graham DY, Hunt R, Moayyedi P, Rokkas T, Rugge M, Selgrad M, Suerbaum S, Sugano K, El-Omar EM, European Helicobacter and Microbiota Study Group and Consensus panel EM
4. Figueiredo C, Camargo MC, Leite M, Fuentes-Pananá EM, Rabkin CS, Machado JC
Pathogenesis of Gastric Cancer: Genetics and Molecular Classification. Current topics in microbiology and immunology 400: 277-304, 2017. [Review; Book Chapter] 
5. Azevedo J, Pista A, Lisboa C, Santo I, Azevedo L, Cunha MJ, HERCOLES Study Group MJ
Epidemiology of human papillomavirus on anogenital warts in Portugal - The HERCOLES study. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV 31: 1342-1348, 2017. [Article] 
 doi: 10.1111/jdv.14311 PMID: 28485812.
6. Figueiredo C, Camargo MC, Leite M, Fuentes-Pananá EM, Rabkin CS, Machado JC
Erratum to: Pathogenesis of Gastric Cancer: Genetics and Molecular Classification. Current topics in microbiology and immunology 400: E1, 2017. [Correction; Book Chapter] 
Interleukin-1B signalling leads to increased survival of gastric carcinoma cells through a CREB-C/EBPß-associated mechanism. Gastric cancer : official journal of the International Gastric Cancer Association and the Japanese Gastric Cancer Association 19: 74-84, 2016. [] 
8. Figueiredo C, Costa S, Karameris A, Machado JC
Pathogenesis of Gastric Cancer. Helicobacter 20 Suppl 1: 30-5, 2015. [Article] 
 doi: 10.1111/hel.12254 PMID: 26372822.
9. Correia M, Casal S, Vinagre J, Seruca R, Figueiredo C, Touati E, Machado JC
Helicobacter pylori's cholesterol uptake impacts resistance to docosahexaenoic acid. International journal of medical microbiology : IJMM 304: 314-20, 2014. [Article] 
10. Figueiredo C, Garcia-Gonzalez MA, Machado JC
Molecular pathogenesis of gastric cancer. Helicobacter 18 Suppl 1: 28-33, 2013. [Review] 
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11. Costa JL, Sousa S, Justino A, Kay T, Fernandes S, Cirnes L, Schmitt F, Machado JC
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14. Botelho MC, Oliveira PA, Lopes C, Correia da Costa JM, Machado JC
15. Resende C, Ristimäki A, Machado JC
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16. Regalo G, Resende C, Wen X, Gomes B, Durães C, Seruca R, Carneiro F, Machado JC
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19. Correia MM, Michel V, Oliveira MJ, Ferreira R, Figueiredo C, Seruca R, Touati E, Machado JC
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20. Canedo P, Castanheira-Vale AJ, Lunet N, Pereira F, Figueiredo C, Gioia-Patricola L, Canzian F, Moreira H, Suriano G, Barros H, Carneiro F, Seruca R, Machado JC
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27. Regalo G, Wright NA, Machado JC
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29. Carvalho R, Kayademir T, Soares P, Canedo P, Sousa S, Oliveira C, Leistenschneider P, Seruca R, Gött P, Blin N, Carneiro F, Machado JC
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 PMID: 12379766.
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